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Here's just a great image of the one-eyed spy supreme. Nice with the transparency too. If you know who did this image, please let me know. Gotta give credit to the man who captured the essence of Fury in this one.
This is the lithograph done by none other than the great Jim Steranko for the cover of the landmark Marvel mini-series, "Nick Fury vs. SHIELD." This mini-series saw Fury reclaim his popularity the likes of which he had not seen since the late 60's. And it launched volume 2 of "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD" which ran 47 issues, surpassing his first series in longevity even if not in popularity.
Next to Captain America, there may not be another Marvel hero more patriotic in theme and character than Nick Fury, so pictures like this always grab me. SHIELD may have largely been a UN outfit, but Fury's always been that WWII vet from Hell's Kitchen, NY, who fought for the American Way since he was old enough to enlist. "He makes sure that when you go to bed at night, you wake up in the Land of the Free."
When Marvel released their "Masterpieces" card set, it included a cool one of Fury modelled intentionally after Clint Eastwood. I like the way you almost miss the eye patch due to the lighting. Intense, dangerous and non-super-powered - that's why I've always been a fan of Nick Fury.
Don't aks me why, I just think Dan Jurgens does Nick right. Fury always looks the part when drawn by Jurgens as shown here from his stint on Captain America. From the rugged good looks to the razor stubble to the ever-present cigar, this IS Fury.
Greg Horn is one of today's best comic book artists, especially when it comes to the ladies. Just check out this Wizard cover featuring the new Black Widow and one Nicholas Fury. The original Black Widow and Nick go way back, though they never hooked-up romantically (for reasons I have yet to understand - I mean come on, the chemistry is RIGHT THERE!). Oh well, maybe he'll have some sparks with the new Widow thanks to this piece.
Another of today's best artists - Alex Ross, hands down. With his unique painting style his works are awesome. Here's the cover he did for an Earth X one-shot featuring the director of SHIELD. This book was put out as a special offer from Wizard Magazine, and I had it signed by Ross at the 2003 San Diego ComicCon. When he saw it he said "I haven't seen many of these today" to which I replied "We're the few, the proud, the Fury fans."
Bruce Timm did this great piece of Fury art. Yeah, he's kind of over-done and out of character, but that's what's great about comic book hereoes- every artist adds their own style to the character. Timm has done a number of Fury pieces that are very original and excellently done.
Nick Fury was slated to appear in a graphic novel with The Punisher called "The Rules of the Game." And while the GN was never released, a few pics did get out and here's one of them. Not the best look for Nick, I'll grant you, but hey... it's different and it's largely unknown.
Here's a picture of a sketch done by Jack "The King" Kirby of Nick for Strange Tales #141, page 6. A break-down like this shows Nick as Kirby created him - rough around the edges, senior in stature and not getting any younger. It was Steranko who re-made Fury as a "ladies man." Kirby saw him as the elder veteran while Steranko saw him as America's answer to 007.
A seller on eBay recently auctioned off this slick pic of the spy-supreme - a hand-drawn sketch of Fury by Paul Gulacy (sp?) with a unique perspective. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to get this one of a kind piece, but some lucky person out there has a great original picture of Fury drawn as a true spy.
Here's another great rendition of Fury by the great Greg Horn (notwithstanding the cheesey background). For me, he looks a little too young here - but I guess this world is meant for the young, and young artists like Horn bring a new lease on life to the aging characters we grew up with.
This is a picture of a Marvel Sketchagraph card I recently bought of Sgt. Fury done by none other than Dick Ayers, Sgt. Fury's longest running penciller. Many a Sgt. Fury fan rememeber him looking just like this, and to them he will never change.
Here's a picture of Nick from a piece of original art I purchased from The Hulk vol. 2 no. 16, penciled by Ron Garney and inked by Sal Buscema (who autographed the piece). It's hanging on my wall right now and was the first pieve of original comic book art I ever bought.
Marvel's "Fury" from their MAX line may have been controversial, but Robertson's drawings of Fury were hands-down awesome, even awe-inspiring. Here's a great shot by Robertson of Nick with his trademark cigar - check out the cool lighter he's using with the US flag on it. One Nation under God...
Always the penultimate Fury artist, Steranko did this Nick Fury collage for a poster from the old Marvelmania campaign (and I just got this poster from eBay - sweet). This has got everything - Hydra, the Helicarrier, the Contessa, Scorpio, the Yellow Claw, even Jimmy Woo.
Fury teamed up with the Black Widow in Marvel's online comic book "Jungle Warfare." Drawn by Casey Jones, here's an original picture of Nick done by Jones for one of his storyboards. I consider this a great piece of "modern" drawing for Fury. I also got my hands on another storyboard Jones did for this online comic - an extreme close-up of Fury's eyepatch!
Picture Gallery - 5
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