Below are notable quotes, exchanges and narratives by and about Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD from numerous comic book sources. Thanks to Humberto Ferre for several of the quotes contained below, and to Stacy X who provided the image I used for the background graphic. Have a great Fury quote that's not on this page? E-mail it to me and I'll add it!

"His name is Fury. Nick Fury. He has been many things in this life. Currently, he is commander-in-chief of S.H.I.E.L.D., making sure when we go to sleep at night -- we wake up in the land of the free."

Avengers vol. 2 #3 (1997)


"Along the corridor strides an iron figure -- a man who has kept a dream alive... from the ashes of its Hydra-smashed past he has brought it, Phoenix-like, back to life... He is Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD!"

Motormouth #1 (1992)


"Look, Murdock, don't insult my intelligence, I'll return the favor... You wanna get in your red jammies an' jump off rooftops, that's between you an' your therepist."

Nick to Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) who's pretending not to understand what "special abilities" of his Fury is alluding to.

Daredevil vol. 1 #298 (1991)


"They have the information, they have it. They know who and they -- Irrefutable evidence in their hands as to who their enemy is -- ... and they're going to sit on it and do nothing. They are going to blink and follow rules of diplomacy that no one else plays by... and people are going to die. Innocent people are going to die because of this right here. I can't -- I can't go through it again. It's happening all over again."

Nick to Valentina after briefing the President and his aides on the threat that the US supported ruler of Latveria is part of a terrorist plot against the United States. The reference to it "happening all over again" is a veiled reference to the pre-9/11 intelligence US authorities had about possible terrorst attacks against New York. I like the part about rules of diplomacy only the US follows - pretty relevant in these times.

Secret War #1 (2004)


Secretary of Defense: "What kind of military organization are you running there, anyway Fury?"
Nick Fury: "Well, fer starters, we have a great dental plan and we don't give gays any grief."

Nick getting smart with the Secretary of Defense who's upset with the fact that the Hulk escaped a SHIELD operation to bring him and the Pantheon into custody.

Incredibule Hulk vol. 1 #411 (1993)



"Pretty rude company you're keepin'. Didn't even offer me a light off his head."

Nick to Deathlok regarding Ghost Rider, right after Ghost Rider rode off following a scuffle with Deathlok in Nick's presence.

Deathlok vol. 1 #10 (1992)


War Machine: "I guess you're here to deliver a lecture on "War Machine - His Place in this World According to Nicholas J. Fury," right? Remind me... what does the "J" stand for?"
Nick Fury: "Don't push me Rhodes. I'm on a three second fuse that's already cookin'."

Nick Fury and Jim Rhodes, aka War Machine, are two temperments that usually clash. The two always seem to be about three seconds away from going for eachothers throats.

War Machine vol. 1 #15 (1995)


"I'm starting to suspect who gave Tony Stark his drinking problem."

Jim Rhodes (aka War Machine) referring to Nick Fury out of frustration about Fury's efforts to thwart his efforts of usurping power in the African nation of Imaya.

War Machine Limited Series (1994)


SHIELD Bridge Officer: "Colonel Fury, Sir? We seem to have a controllable compromise in the security envelope --"
Nick Fury: "Are you tryin' to tell me that some hairy mutant gave the guards the slip? You think throwin' in that word "controllable" will mitigate my attitude about this cluster foul-up, Lieutenant?"

Fury chewing out a SHIELD security officer after Wolverine outsmarted SHIELD security and infiltrated the Helicarrier on his motorcycle.

Wolverine #50 (1992)


Reed Richards: "I don't believe it to be a cancerous growth -- not yet, at least -- but it could possibly explain Brock's psychotic --"
Nick Fury: "I don't care -- that stuff's for shrinks an' doctors to worry about, not soldiers. Far as I'm concerned, there's nothin' wrong with Brock that a forty-five caliber injection to the back of the head won't fix."
Sue Richards: "You have a very crass demeanor toward your fellow man, Fury."
Nick Fury: "Women, too.
Reed Richards: "But aliens?"
Nick Fury: "I just plain hate 'em."

Back and forth banter between Fury and the Fantastic Four when Fury showed up at the Baxter Building to take custody of Eddie Brock (aka Venom).

Venom #12 (2004)


SHIELD Agent: "Some signals from London, England -- they don't make sense... there's something odd about them!"
Fury: "Always sumthin' odd about the Limeys..."

SHIELD Agent Bad-Hand: "Seems awful quiet, Nick..."
Fury: "Place is a morgue after 5:30... these Limeys like t'get home fer their tea, so I hear... "

Two quips about the British, which is funny since they come from two Marvel UK comics. Guess the British don't mind good-natured teasing, and the Colonel was never known for his political correctness.

Motormouth #1 and #2 (1992)



SHIELD Agent #1: "Fury's going to kill you."
SHIELD Agent #2: "Bet he kills you first."

Two SHIELD agents bickering right after a sting operation on the Tinkerer goes horribly wrong.

Secret War #1 (2004)


"Sure, you and your boss're big on the fancy stuff, ya walkin' tank -- not like us grunts who're out there on a thousand front-lines protectin' the world day after day after day! My boys an' girls do the grimy work, while you super guys get all the glory! Well, we don't mind -- it's always been like that for the Joes in any war -- but if my boys an' girls get a little tight now an' again, you can understand why! I don't go along with it -- I'm tryin' ta stop it -- but I understand it!"

Fury giving it back to Iron Man (Tony Stark) after being accused by Iron Man of only being concerned about weapons and war and not the higher things that can serve mankind. It nicely captures Fury's self-perception that he's really nothing more than an average American joe, the kind of joes that won World War II.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #11 (1986)


Nick Fury (to Prof. X): "You've returned a terrorist to his island nation, one he built and ruled with tyranny and oppression -- to bury him -- bury a murderer, who just days ago killed many, many Americans. If you didn't have friends in high places, I would have never even brought you here for this little insult to Humanity."
Professor X: "I understand what Magneto did, Colonel Fury... but in the name of humanity, he was still a man -- a human being."
Nick Fury: "Kiss mine. You can't convince me he was even human excrement -- to use a highfalutin' word a brainiac like yourself might undertand better than the word I usually throw around. Terrorists like Magneto don't deserve a funeral! They deserve to be cut up and fed to dogs! {Fury boards the 'copter alone} My orders were to bring you here! Didn't say anything about a return trip! My little form of protest! Good luck gettin' home!" {Fury takes off on the helicopter}
Wolverine (to Prof. X): "See? He didn't need mental powers to read my mind."

Fury in synch with Logan and telling off Professor X on how he feels about Prof. X using SHIELD resources to fly the dead body of Magneto to Genosha to give Magneto a proper burial. This was mere days after Magneto had destroyed New York City and killed Jean Grey before Magneto himself was killed.

Uncanny X-Men #442 (2004)


"Marilyn." {intercom voice: "yes, Colonel"} "Tell the Council reps I'm running late. If they bitch give 'em a doughnut. Hold back a couple o' strawberry f'me." {intercom voice: "yes, Colonel"} "I'm all ears Jennifer."

Fury delaying a meeting with the UN Security Council to hear out Jennifer Wentworth on her discovery of warborgs and other Soviet mutation programs operating under "new management."

X-Force #111 (2001)


"This Helicarrier is the ultimate example of human achievement. Aside from its state-of-the-art stealth capabilities and more extensive functions as a mobile headquarters... she packs enough destructive power t' decimate a small country. With one punch in most cases. The Skull can't have her, period."

Fury describing to the X-Men the might of the Helicarrier as they plan on how to take the hi-jacked airship back from the Red Skull and save the lives of those onboard."

X-Men Annual 1999


Nightcrawler: "Nein! What have you done -- ?!"
Nick Fury: "What I always do, Nightcrawler... whatever it takes."

Fury responding to a shocked Nightcrawler who suddenly realized that when he teleported Fury out of the Red Skull's clutches, Fury had latched onto and brought back on the return 'port the Red Skull's left forearm and the weapon mounted on his hand. Kind of gruesome, following which Fury nonchalantly pitches the Skull's gloved hand into the ocean.

X-Men Annual 1999



Brent Jackson: "I'm sorry it had to go down this way, Nick, it's just that the Department felt they needed some -- how should I put this -- young blood on this one. You undersatand."
Nick Fury: "Now you listen to me and you listen good -- I made SHIELD, Junior! And I'll be damned if I let some snot-nosed punk recruit like you come along and do a victory dance over my body!"

The exchange between Brent Jackson and Nick Fury when Brent flaunts the fact that he was the one assigned to the mission of bringing Wolverine into custody after it was believed Logan had murdered a US senator. Afterwards, Sharon Carter had this to say to Brent:"Word of advice, Jackson -- you're pushing the wrong man. Big time."

Wolverine #163 (2001)


"Sunuvah... All right, you treasonous little $#@$ -- you wanna mess with Fury? I'll show ya who yer messin' with!"

Fury spouting off at Venom after being fired upon by a SHIELD helicopter under the control of, unbeknownst to Fury, a SHIELD pilot replaced by Venom. Of course, he had a little help at this moment by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Venom #14 (2004)


"Y'know Jackie, I've trained my agents to be good soldiers, to follow orders because I never doubted that we were on the right side. I ain't so sure about that anymore... so I say nuts to bein' the good soldier!"

Fury to Special Agent Jack Rollins who was attempting to arrest Fury by order of SHIELD's secret board who were afraid Fury had figured out what would become known as the "Deltite Affair." Fury then proceeded to knock Rollins out and flee from SHIELD HQ as a fugitive.

Nick Fury vs. SHIELD #1 (1989)


"United Nations Resolution 487... and thus, in accordance with the evidence and the recommendations of Colonel Nicholas Fury, it is decided that SHIELD, having proved to be a major international security risk... be immediately disbanded. All operations shall be terminated, installations neutralized. All remaining personnel are to be debriefed and discharged."

Transcript of the UN resolution officially disbanding SHIELD following the conclusion of the Deltite Affair which showed the first incarnation of SHIELD to be corrupt beyond repair.

Nick Fury vs. SHIELD #6 (1989)


Val: "Nick... we have to go."
Nick: "I know. I was just thinkin' of all of 'em... for awhile... Rememberin'... But you're right. It's time troops. Somebody hit the lights."

Said as Nick and a few others permanently closed down an empty SHIELD headquarters building. Shortly thereafter, the UN would charter a new SHIELD, once again headed up by Nick Fury.

Nick Fury vs. SHIELD #6 (1989)



"Some of us might die today. But what I'm asking ya to do is fight with everything you've got -- goin' up against an enemy of unknown power. And I want each and every one of you to know -- I've never been prouder of any force I've led into battle."

Fury addressing his troops before they attempt to attack an unidentified flying object over New York city which has already laid low the Mighty Avengers. The troops concern? How can they triumph where the Avengers have failed? Still, this is a speech Fury has given numerous times - In France. In Korea. In Viet Nam. In Iraq. It never gets easier.

Avengers vol. 2 #3 (1997)


"Ya did good up against Galactus, and Uncle Sam wants ta say "thank you." Ya blasted Patriot... Fer the record, all that stuff you were told about Truman and the bomb and where ya been all these years -- SHIELD told ya what they had ta to get you to put the costume back on. That don't make it the truth."

From the "Heroes Reunited" alternate universe, Fury addressing a newly re-awakened Captain America as to why he had been lied to by SHIELD about his past and his current life - in order to get Steve Rogers to once again don the mantle of Captain America.

Captain America vol. 2 #12 (1997)


Nick Fury: "No, I'm actually offering you a paying job. Free training. Room, board, food. A career. Travel."
Daisy Johnson: "What's the catch?."
Nick Fury: "The catch. Well, you basically do whatever I say for the rest of your life."
Daisy Johnson: "Oh, is that all?."
Nick Fury: "But you'll be joining the single most powerful, most important organization on the planet Earth."

Fury offering membership into SHIELD to the 17 year old illegitimate daughter of Mister Hyde. Daisy had been picked up for stealing a few CDs, and during such theft she demonstrated her latent seismic powers, thus alerting Fury of her possibilities. Daisy was subsequently attached to the secret mission sent to Latveria. I like the acknowledgement of SHIELD being the most powerful organization in the world - cool.

Secret War #2 (2004)


"Cap is the most and least efficient agent. His public persona has become a large problem for stealth work, but for certain types of missions it's the perfect decoy. His patriotism is skewed and out of date. He rarely deals with his anger issues."

"Logan is my secret weapon. He owes me his life five times over. His entire persona makes for the perfect ruthless stealth agent. In a perfect world, he would be a level ten SHIELD agent."

Nick Fury's personal notes attached to the SHIELD files on Captain America and Wolverine respectively.

Secret War #2 (2004)


Nick Fury: "Who were you expecting, Parker... Santa Clause? My apologies for yanking you out of class. I'm all sorts of torn up about it... Now the point: there's a matter of national security needs tending to."
Peter Parker: "How very unfortunate for you."
Nick Fury: "We, Parker. We. Your country needs you."
Peter Parker: "And by the country you mean -- you... right?."
Nick Fury: "Chicken and the egg, Parker. Chicken and the egg."

Exchange between Fury and Peter Parker after Fury lures him to a rooftop with photos showing Peter is also Spider-Man. I like the allusion that arguing which came first, America or Fury, is the same as arguing wether the chicken or the egg came first. The man IS America!

Spider-Man - Wolverine #1 (2003)


"The world's a strange place these days -- you read the papers. America ain't much into the idea of jumping into conflicts that don't directly involve it, and what stuff it is in is deep. It don't much have the time for extracurricular activities if you get my meaning..."

Part of Fury's explaination to Spider-Man why SHIELD needs him, rather than SHIELD personnel, for a covert operation.

Spider-Man - Wolverine #1 (2003)



Secretary Dahl: "He's compromised his anonymity. For the sake of a moral gesture. And he's compromised his usefulness to us."
Nick Fury: "Compromise, Secretary Dahl? First time I've heard any kind of damn fool accuse Cap of that."

Fury defending Captain America from the disapproval of the Secretary of Defense after Cap killed a terrorist and then revealed his identity as Steve Rogers to the world.

Captain America vol. 4 #4 (2002)


Punisher (in custody): "Not too paranoid, are we, Fury?"
Nick Fury: "Whiskey Mike Bravo. Watching My Butt. If I had my druthers, I'd drop in you that hole, seal it up, and forget you were there"

Nick and Frank Castle as Frank is secretly being transported under the nose of a mafia hit team unknowingly attacking a Punisher LMD. Clearly there is no love lost between these two men. Later, Castle would escape SHIELD custody under the hypnotic delusion that Nick killed his family - a delusion that leads him to kill Fury (though, not really).

Marvel Double Edge Alpha (1995)


Black Widow: "What are you doing here, Fury?"
Nick Fury: "I just wanted to ask you about loyalties, Natasha. You've been on an unauthorized mission. And mixing with some bad company."
Black Widow: "I'm not on active duty, Nick."
Nick Fury: "But you're still on the SHIELD payroll, Honey. That gives me the right to be nosy. You used to honcho the Avengers, for cripes sake. Now this crowd? Your boyfriend in the red pee-jays isn't so bad. But Frank Castle's another story. The guy's dangerous."

Fury dropping by the Black Widow's apartment to question her about joining up with Daredevil, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi and Dagger to hunt down the Punisher.

Marvel Knights #5 (2000)


Black Widow: "And don't let the door hit you in the back on the way out."
Nick Fury: "That's my Widow. Never give an inch. Well, g'night, ladies."

The end of that particular conversation. I like how Fury admires the Black Widow's rudeness, and how he refers to her as "his" Widow.

Marvel Knights #5 (2000)


"Sue, there is no going back. Trust me though... you made the only decision you could have. Hear me out. This is what Reed was obviously keeping from you: despite our repeated attempts to negotiate with him, he refuses -- in defiance of international law -- to deliver this country peaceably to the United Nations for a greater good. Consequently, he has willfully forced numerous armies to mobilize at a staggering financial cost, chief among them U.S. special forces. As far as the American government is concerned, your unsupervised, unsanctioned activities in Latveria have branded you as agents of a foreign power. If you don't come with me right now -- if you take one step towards that border -- you will, like Dr. Richards, be apprehended, charged with, and -- I promise you -- convicted of treason against the United States of America."

Fury explaining to Sue Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four that if they attempt to leave his presence and return to Latveria (where Reed Richards is holed up as that countries ruling authority after defeating Dr. Doom) they will face the full wrath of the American justice system. Fury is there as the head of a multi-national UN peacekeeping force sent to forcefully remove the Fantastic Four from control of Latveria. This is a great example of how Fury can fill his niche as an espionage character in today's world. I like this Nick - give him more speeches with big, political sounding words.

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #506 (2004)


Reed Richards: "Nick, where are you going?"
Nick Fury: "To gather my men. Reed, we're at war. I can call the U.N. and say "Doom's back," but that doesn't let you clean off the hook -- not after the way you've handled this. It's still an international nightmare, and you're not above the law. Even if we beat Doom -- you will be faced with legal repercussions. Moreover, while we are at war, whether its Johnny or you or whomever -- I will take any steps necessary to protect my soldiers. Got it?"

With the spirit of Victor von Doom loosed upon his native Latveria, Nick clearly explains to the Fantastic Four that his place is with his men, and that his first priority in the fight against Doom is the lives of his soldiers - lives that have been entrusted to Fury's care. Another example of Nick as the soldier's soldier - the grunt on the front-line next to all the other Joes.

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #508 (2004)



"What happened to this country? When did the a$$holes start running things? How did they get away with the pissant little rules they make us live by? Why do they use ten words to hint at what just one would say? I feel like I blinked and someone turned the place into the United States of Pu$$ies..."

Fury at a hotel bar explaining his foul mood to Rudi Gragarin after having a very bad day.

Fury MAX #1 (2002)


Rudi: "Why not just quit?"
Nick: "In case something happens. Something the a$$holes don't know how to fix."

Fury MAX #1 (2002)


"Nick Fury disappears. They send me to find him. I do. At the same time, a new crime boss named Doyle shows up in the L.A. under-world, leading his crew like a general commanding his troops. Coincidence? It's all there... the command presence... the unspoken demand for respect... the cigar... His men are hanging on every word. He's like Patton with this crew. No matter who he thinks he is... his M.O. is classic Fury. Still a leader of men. Still the man with the plan."

Narrative of Agent Jack Truman (aka Deathlok) on his undercover observations of a brain-washed Nick Fury who, thanks to the Ringmaster, is running a criminal organization as efficiently as he ever did SHIELD. I think it's a great summary of Fury's persona as a leader and commander.

Deathlok vol. 2 #9 (2000)


SHIELD Scientist: "Director, it's not really necessary for you to be here... "
Fury: "Hey, I'll tell ya what... you don't tell me what's "necessary," an' I won't put my boot heel in yer backside. Deal?"

Deathlok vol. 2 #5 (2000)


"All right, all right... enough with this! Lemme clue you in on something, "Poindexter"... there's all kinds of pain in this world... a cigar being put out in the palm of yer hand... German hamstring torture... daytime talk shows... but listening to your jabbering is giving me a migraine that Nazi artillery never induced! Carry on, men... and don't screw it up this time!"

Fury taking his leave of several SHIELD scientists who are chattering away in science lingo while trying to repair the latest Deathlok, Agent Jack Truman.

Deathlok vol. 2 #5 (2000)



Nick Fury: "When you find it, give this disk a hard squeeze in the middle, and get a hundred yards away inside of eight minutes. It'll give us a fix, so then we'll microwave any biological agent from here. Anybody hanging out there is gonna be fried."
Captain America: "Jeez, Nick..."
Nick Fury: "Just make sure you don't sit on it! Let's get some sticky-stuff to attach it to your shield."

Nick briefing Cap on a mission inside of Cuba to locate and destroy a cache of biological weapons. The last part is somewhat in jest as Nick slaps Cap on the back.

Captain America vol. 4 #24 (2004)


Fury: "What time do we arrive, Pierce?"
Pierce: "I'm vectoring us over the Pole, Sir... and as we'll be skimmering the atmosphere, I estimate... "
Fury: "Estimate - guesstimate! Just gimme the time!"
Pierce: "3 AM, their time, Sir."

With Fury, better just to cut to the chase.

Motormouth #2 (1992)


Nick Fury: "We were always on the same side Rogers. You just play the game by a different set of rules, is all."
Captain America: "And why can't you seem to understand my choice to live by my rules?"
Nick Fury: "Because your "rules" mean living with blinders on, pal, and they always have. Trying to recapture a past that never existed. Ever since 9-11 you've been challenged to be something you don't want to be and it's making you nuts. You moved into a slum to be "Steve Rogers" and be "closer to the people." You promise those "people" to be their guardian, to protect their neighborhood, and then you move to Florida. You were made by the government at your request -- you wear the symbol of this country all over yourself and promised to protect this land -- this nation -- and then you moved to Brooklyn to fight street thugs. A SCUD protectin' Red Hook... I consider you my friend, Captain America. But Steve Rogers is a confused man, and his confusion has led to some terrible things that aren't his fault -- you're the perfect soldier who won't kill, who doesn't always follow orders -- and who loves a country run by a government that can't always be trusted -- and this is the result."

Fury giving Captain America the "what for" several months after 9-11 when Cap started to become too "black and white" and started judging Fury (and everyone affiliated with the US government) as corrupted and just as bad as terrorsists.

Captain America vol. 4 #10 (2003)


Agent Jones: "He dug his way out!"
Nick Fury: "I still got one eye, Jonesy, I'm not blind."
Agent Smith: "Are you going in after them, Sir?"
Nick Fury: "Does that strike you as a particularly bright course of action, Smith?"
Agent Smith: "No, Sir. Actually it, uh... sounds pretty stupid."
Nick Fury: "And do I look stupid, Smith?"
Agent Smith: "No, Sir."

Fury keeping his troops in line after losing the Hulk who escaped by digging his way out of the facility.

Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #411 (1993)


War Machine: "The door's behind you, Fury! Nobody comes in here to harass my staff."
Nick Fury: (holding up a document) "I got news for ya! This SHIELD permit says I can harass folks anywhere I please!"
Female Worldwatch Staffer: "Do you also have a permit for that foul cigar?"
Nick Fury: "No I don't, lady... but I can get one if it'll keep your panties from bunchin'!"

Part of a confrontation between Fury and Jim Rhoses, aka War Machine, in Worldwatch's LA offices.

War Machine vol. 1 #15 (1995)


Valerie Cooper: (as Fury lights up a cigar) "Nicholas, must I remind you again? This room has been designated a smoke-free environment! Vile habit..."
Nick Fury: "Lots o' disgustin' things in life, Val... some even make smokin' look downright respectable."

In line with the stinky cigar theme, this was Fury letting Dr. Cooper know, in an indirect way, that he thinks the President's plan of using force, if necessary, against the Avengers stinks.

Avengers vol. 1 #368 (1993)


Hercules: "By what authority do these bureaucrats tell the Avengers that we cannot become involved?"
Fury: "By authority o' yer charter, Hercules. Remember that? You guys work for the UN... and you all signed to that."
Hawkeye: "Never figured you'd cave in to the politics, Fury. What'd they do... threaten to cut off your pension?"
Fury: "Wanna come over here an' say that, Barton?"

Fury trying to convince the Avengers not to interfere in the Genosha crisis so that he won't have to follow through on orders to use force to stop them. Let's just say the Avengers weren't convinced.

Avengers vol. 1 #368 (1993)



"Ain't no way they're goin' t'get me back there pushin' paper... I got leave owin' me since th' freakin' Ko-rean War an' I'm about to take it... all of it! You two better go an' pack a toothbrush -- we're headin' on out! SHIELD may've been blind-sided, but Nick Fury sure as hell ain't!"

Fury to the Punisher and Badhand in London, after being informed that the political machinations of MyS-Tech to keep Fury off their trail have caused SHIELD as an organization to suddenly become bogged down with lawsuits, subpeonas and investigations.

Motomouth #5 (1992)


Nick Fury: "Congrats kiddo."
Black Widow: "Yes, congratulate me for lying, cheating, and stealing in order to succeed?"
Nick Fury: "I prefer to think of it as 'spying' Natasha."

Journey into Mystery #519


"Mornin curly, I know you're behind the random attacks on SHIELD and we got a message for you. Stop it or we'll be back! Make no mistake about it fatman, we're not the cops, we can get to you. Think on it."

Fury giving a stern warning to the Kingpin after blowing a hole into, and entering, the Kingpin's hi-rise office following the Kingpin's campaign of terror on SHIELD agents.

Damage Control #4


Nick Fury: "So, you're pretty muched %$&*ed, huh?."
Matt Murdock: "Good morning, Colonel Fury. How did you get past my staff?"
Nick Fury: "Are you kidding me? I'm a spy. In fact, I'm the spy. It's what I do."

Fury showing up unannounced in Matt Murdock's law office, shortly after Murdock was exposed in the media as the secret identiy of Daredevil. Fury would go on to offer Daredevil a job with SHIELD, which Murdock promptly turned down. Oh well, the things that might have been....

Daredevil #65 (2004)


Nick Fury: "Listen, you have... enemies. Enemies you have earned. Enemies of power. People you have never met. You don't even know their names. And I have protected you from them because that is what I do. But with this - this sloppy move... You have to understand - you made it almost impossible for anyone to protect you."
Matt Murdock: "I'm not leaving my life. I am staying here."
Nick Fury: "By sheer force of will?"
Matt Murdock: "Isn't that how most things get done?"
Nick Fury: "Offer is there, Murdock... call me when you snap out of it. Don't get dead first."

After Daredvil turns down Fury's offer of a job with SHIELD, Fury explains to Daredevil one of the lesser known roles that Fury plays in the Marvel Universe - that of protecting the super-heroes from unknown enemies who are lurking around for the true identities of the super-hero. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, this exchange shows one of the aspects of Fury rarely (if ever) touched upon - that of protecting the super-hero types within the shadows from enemies they don't even know they have. THAT is the Fury the Marvel Universe needs and should further explore.

Daredevil #65 (2004)

Vulture: "Look... Fury... whaddaya want me to tell you?"
Nick Fury: "First... you call me Colonel Fury. Or better yet, "Sir." If you persist in doing otherwise... well, I'm sure we'll find you another way to address me that won't require the use of your teeth."

Fury laying down the law (and the tone) to the Vulture during an interrogation shortly after the Vulture was taken into SHIELD custody following the super-villain assualt on an AIM facility underneath Manhattan.

Identity Disc #5 (2004)


Punisher (narrative): "Nick Fury. Old-school cold warrior. The original black ops hardcase. Long before I stepped off a C-130 at Da Nang, Fury and his team had set fire to half of Asia."

Narrative of Frank Castle, the Punisher, while sitting down with Fury to hear Fury's pitch for recruting him on a government suicide mission. I like it because it shows how Marvel's penultinate Viet Nam veteran acknowledges Fury's much longer history in the military.

The Punisher (MAX) #13 (2005)


Fury: "Never enough is it?"
Punisher: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Fury: "If you're wondering how that prick got early release for murder and child prostitution, the answer is: I got him out. Then I kept tabs on him. I needed to find you fast."

While I'm not at all crazy about the MAX Fury character, this was still a cool little story point - Fury wanting to find the Punisher quickly to recruit him for the aforementioned mission. So being Nick Fury, the ultimate manipulator, he gets a scum-bag criminal released from prison knowing the Punisher would come looking for him immediately. All Fury had to do was sit back and wait for the Punisher to come to him. And as an added bonus, the scum-bag didn't get off easy thanks to an early release - he and his crew where cut to ribbons by the Punisher just as Fury expected.

The Punisher (MAX) #13 (2005)


Fury: "Generals, listen up. I'm only going to say this once. You boys came to me. That means you want this thing done right, or you'd just have gotten some Pentagon dick to run a simulation -- then you could sit back and watch Delta Force get cut to bits on CNN. Once I start work I don't need your opinions. I don't need your classified reports. If I ever need advice on how to fight my way up the President's @$$ without covering fire, that's when I'll come to you."

Fury taking on the cynicism, doubts and superior attitudes of a group of Army and Air Force generals who requested that Fury help them retrieve a deadly biological agent from Russia. Fury's plan is to recruit the Punisher which the generals are highly skeptical of. And this is Nick's response, showing his own disdain for these generals and his general belief that the modern politics of the US armed forces has left them all a group of incompetent boobs.

The Punisher (MAX) #13 (2005)


Punisher: "One question."
Fury: "Shoot."
Punisher: "Why don't you do the job yourself?"
Fury: "You kidding me? I'm not getting my head blown off on some f*cking suicide mission. I have to get SHIELD back and save the goddamn world."

Being the MAX universe, this reality has Fury stripped of power at SHIELD in favor of attorneys and accountants. But the deal given to Nick here was "get this job done and you get SHIELD back."

The Punisher (MAX) #13 (2005)


Fury: "The generals don't want the Russians -- or anyone else -- getting their hands on the virus. That's why they hired me. That's why I hired you."
Punisher: "There's a rumor the Russians are our friends these days."
Fury: "Well there's friends and there's friends. The old games never change, Castle. You know that."

Nick calling the Punisher's bluff about being naive as to how the world, and global politics, works. This was during Fury's briefing to Castle on the mission Fury hired him for. Speaking of which, what did Fury pay the Punisher to do this job? User names and passwords for the databases of the DEA, FBI, INS, Customs, and every major police department on the Eastern Seaboard so that Castle could track criminals with incredible ease. Fury knew money wouldn't be the answer.

The Punisher (MAX) #14 (2005)


Max Hunter: "It's time for some interagency cooperation here."
Nick Fury: "We're looking too. I'll have someone call you if --"
Max Hunter (while grabbing Fury's shoulder): "Don't try to blow me off Fury. You'll be sorry you --"
Nick Fury: "Sorry? Sorry? I'm already sorry. I'm sorry this Administration sees fit to let scum like you operate in the first place. I'm sorry an abomination like the North Institute was ever permiited birth. I'm sorry I can't put a bullet through both of you right now. If you ever touch me again, Hunter, I'll break you in half and call it self-defense, do you understand me?"
Kestrel: "So I guess that's a "no" on the interagency cooperation then?"

Fury expressing his unwillingness to have SHIELD help a new, unsupervised intelligence agency (the North Institute) hunt down the Black Widow, who's gone AWOL due to the crisis that erupted from the past during her very origins. Sorry he can't put a bullet in them? Yeah, Nick's a tough hardcase alright.

Black Widow Mini-Series (Marvel Knights) #3 (2005)


Robbie Robinson: "Jessica, Nick Fury runs SHIELD. Nick Fury IS SHIELD. He is the most powerful man on earth running the most powerful espionage organization on earth. If he wants something to stay secret it must stay secret. If Fury is involved we look the other way because we just assume that thousands of lives, or our basic freedoms, are very much at stake."
Ben Urich: "Tsk -- Robbie, come on!"
Robbie Robinson: "Ben, I am --"
Ben Urich: "If the Bugle, if anyone in the media goes after SHIELD, even a little bit... they're cut off. The smackdown is hard and fast. They lose White House, they lose Pentagon, Avengers... they lose ALL government access to stories and no one in our business can afford that. So they play ball. Robbie knows if they even look at Nick Fury... this place becomes a leper colony."
Robbie Robinson: "Both things are true."

Following the events of Secret War #1. An insighful exchange between Robbie Robinson and Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle explaining to Jessica Jones why the disappearence of her boyfirend, Luke Cage, during an attack at the hospital he was at, is going totally unnoticed in the press. The reason being - Nick Fury either wants it that way or the press knows not to look into it if Fury is involved. I like the dueling reasons why the press looks the other way - one noble and patriotic, the other cynical and suspicious. And I like the ultimate acknowledgment that both are true. That's Fury's paradox in the Marvel Universe - he is both noble and manipulative, patriotic and cynical, heroic and despicable.

The Pulse #7 (2005)

Col. Fury: "Where did you get this."
SHIELD Agent: "The news service. Online."
Col. Fury: "What?"
SHIELD Agent: "I - I was checking the sports scores."
Col. Fury: "You're sittin'in ten billion dollars of floating spy equipment and you got this off the $%^&in' Internet??!!"

Nick more than a little peturbed that the full resources of SHIELD and the Helicarrier were unable to notice that Daredevil's secret identity had been compromised until it hit the newspapers and was on a computer screen of a SHIELD Agent who was looking for sports scores.

Daredevil (Marvel Knights) #64 (2004)


Captain America: "I don't know what you're talking about, Nick --"
Nick Fury: "Spare me. Technically, you're a subordinate officer. I been around enough to know when my chain's being yanked, Rogers, an' right now I feel a distinct tug."

Here's a rare thing - Captain America playing it coy with Fury due to his unique knowledge of certain secrets of the US government. Hey, shouldn't that be the other way around?!? Oh well, at least this rendition of Fury still has him savy enough to pick up on it and go straight to the point.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #18 (2004)


Nick Fury: "And, as I was just telling you all: noble as your presence here might be, I need you people to leave immediately."
Reed Richards: "But Colonel Fury, from what you've told me, this is one of, if not the, worst day in Avengers' history. I think everyone is here out of a sense of --"
Nick Fury: "That's fine and good, Richards. But go do it over there in Central Park. This is a live crime scene. At least two Avengers died here just hours ago, and you people are tainting the crime scene. You're a scientist. You of all people know... any of you could be emitting toxins or radiations into the air that are corrupting the environment -- affecting the atmosphere. No matter how subtle, no matter how infinitesimal. We have no idea what went on here today... and until SHIELD gets the proper field readings... what you people are doing here right now is illegal!! Disperse!!"

Only one man has the cajones to address the entire current and past rosters of the collective Avengers like that and order them to disperse from the ruins of what was their own Avengers Mansion... and that man is Nick Fury. Takes some guts to bark orders to over 50 Avengers at their darkest moment, but then again nobody ever accused Fury of not having guts.

Avengers vol. 1 #502 (2004)


Scott Summers (Cyclops): "This monster shows up right when all that comes out, running a crew carrying your ordnance, and the best you can do is accuse him of being one of us?"
Nick Fury: "Don't get in my face, boy. That ain't a right you've earned."

Exchange between Cyclops and Fury aboard the Helicarrier where Cyclops was looking for information about a mysterious, self-proclaimed alien called Ord who attacked the X-Men. Cyke didn't like Fury inferring this nutcase could possibly be a mutant, and Fury didn't like Cyke jumping in his face.

The Astonishing X-Men #3 (2004)


Cyclops: "He {Magneto} was in disguise. What makes you think we would knowingly harbor a dangerous criminal?"
Fury: "How's Miss Frost? We're watching. Very close -- that's our job. Any further threat from your camp, we're gonna know about it ahead of time."

More tense words between Cyclops and Colonel Fury. There's more to it, but you get the gist. After Magneto's destruction of Manhattan, Fury's become a lot more wary of mutants and their powers. Could this be a foreshadowing for the future of Fury? Makes you wonder...

The Astonishing X-Men #3 (2004)


SHIELD Operator (via com-link): "Sir, we've had a perimeter breach on the southwest corner!"
Fury: (in the middle of the fight) "Really? That's good to know."
SHIELD Operator (via com-link): "It's a full scale riot, sir!"
Fury: "Well call in the sandmen, put 'em to sleep, and then demote yourself to crossing guard, ya moron."

Fury has a low tolerance threshold for incompetence among his ranks - like this Helicarrier operator informing Fury of a riot not knowing the good colonel is smack dab in the middle of it.

The Astonishing X-Men #6 (2004)


Fury: "Here's what we're all gonna do... not a solitary thing. We all walk away from this like nothing happened, which, after SHIELD get's done here, will be more or less the truth."
Beast: "You are of course joking."
Fury: "Of course. This is one of those jokes I'm so famous and beloved for."

Always the sarcastic wise-ass.

The Astonishing X-Men #6 (2004)

US President: "We have to assume they're {the Six Pack} lost."
Col. Fury: "We can't assume that, 'cause that's presuming Cable used lethal force on them."
US President: "An' why would that be a presumption?"
Col. Fury: "Because, Mr. President, he hasn't used ANY force on anyone yet!"
US President: "All my people are recommending a preemptive strike."
Col. Fury: "You're call, Sir. But while we're at it... we might as well take out every church south of the Mason-Dixon line -- since they pose as much of a threat as Cable has so far!"
Russian President: "You have made your opinion quite clear, Colonel Fury. But the people of Russia have entrusted me to --"
Col. Fury: "No offense, Mister President, but your people entrusted you to keep them safe. I guarantee that if you engage Cable now, you'll be failin' their trust."

Fury addressing a group of world leaders who are considering a premptive attack on the messianic Cable who is out to "save the world" and create a paradise on Earth. Fury's problem with that being that Cable hadn't actually harmed anyone or taken any overtly aggressive actions.

Cable & Deadpool #8 (2004)


Dum Dum: "No word from the X-Men yet. It's been seven minutes thirteen seconds, Nick."
Fury: "I know, Dum Dum."
Dum Dum: "So what should we do?"
Fury: "Call Reed Richards... we're gonna need a bigger boat..."

Fury giving the order for Dum Dum to contact Mr. Fanstastic to call in a secret weapon in their struggle against Cable. That "secret weapon" is later referred to as "the Alien" and ultimately turns out to be none other than the Silver Surfer. I appreciate the "Jaws" movie quote Fury uses - very appropriate for the circumstances.

Cable & Deadpool #9 (2004)


Irene Merriweather: "In fact, Colonel Fury, we've had twelve thousand more immigration applications since Cable's..."
Nick Fury: "Lobotomy."
Irene Merriweather: "I was trying to be polite."
Nick Fury: "Why? What we did to him wasn't. You know I didn't want it to come down the way it did."
Irene Merriweather: "No offense, but when men like you are involved, it always comes down that way."
Nick Fury: "Yeah... no offense..."

Having lost to the Surfer, Cable ends up basically lobotomized. Irene is Cable's friend on Providence, Cable's created artificial island. I like the label "men like you" as I take it to be a man who's not even there unless it's something big, ugly and messy.

Cable & Deadpool #11 (2005)


Nick Fury: "All these years and this job still takes my breath away sometimes."

Fury's awe-struck reaction as he watches Air Force One make an emergency, night-time landing on the illuminated deck of the airborne Helicarrier (as beautifully and inspirationally drawn by the talented John Romita, Jr. in the pages of Wolverine "Enemy of the State"). Nice to see that Nick isn't 100% jaded after all these years. Some things still give him a sense of awe.

Wolverine (Marvel Knights) #21 (2004)


Nick Fury: "Get me that Morocco satellite footage from yesterday. You know which."
Agent Carter: "Yes sir."
Nick Fury: "And a Dr. Pepper wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to me."
Spider-Woman: "What are you going to do to me?"
Nick Fury: "Eventually I'm going to have you go and apologize to my men who you zapped unconscious back there... But today we have other stuff. Today is your birthday, girl. Today's the day you grow the hell up."
Agent Carter: "The footage is loaded, sir."
Nick Fury: "I wasn't joking about that Dr. Pepper!"

Sharon Carter rarely gets the brunt of Fury's rougher edge. But here, in the middle of approaching Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) about her real past and her part in Hydra, Sharon finds out the Director of SHIELD rarely says anything he doesn't mean - like wanting a Dr. Pepper.

Spider-Woman: Origin #3 (2006)


Nick Fury: "This is footage from yesterday. This is a bombing. The target? Innocent people. This is what your boyfriend was doing yesterday. He was blowing up children in a Moroccan marketplace. Why? To send us a message. The message? I don't know because I don't speak crazy."

Fury showing Spider-Woman what her Hydra boyfriend was really doing instead of the lie he told her of delivering food to starving people. I like Fury's take on terrorism. He doesn't understand their actions because they're insane, and he's not. But he understands them enough to dedicate his life fighting against them.

Spider-Woman: Origin #3 (2006)


Agent Sitwell: "Sir?"
Nick Fury: "Woo lost her."
Agent Sitwell: "Uh... yes, sir, she--"
Nick Fury: "That's why I'm hoping to replace you all with super-soldiers someday."

When Spider-Woman fled the SHIELD base, Fury ordered her untouched, but also ordered Jimmy Woo to shadow her. It seems the Colonel didn't really expect that to succeed. His comment of hoping to replace his regular agents with super-soldiers? Given his penchant for using independant super-powered operatives in the years that followed, I'd say that wasn't just a joke.

Spider-Woman: Origin #3 (2006)


Captain America: "You're certain it was {Cable}, Nick?"
Nick Fury: "No, we're not. We're never certain of [b]anything[b] with him. Son of a toaster is always five steps ahead of us. I ignore it half the time -- otherwise it would drive me nuts."
Captain America: "But you don't want to ignore it now."
Nick Fury: "The Cone of Silence was five to ten years from being workable."
Captain America: "But to a man from the future that means little."
Nick Fury: "That's our problem."
Captain America: "You want me to talk to Cable?"
Nick Fury: "I want talk, I call Oprah. I want some @$$ kicked, I call... [b]Captain America![b]"<

Exchange between Fury and Cap onboard the Helicarrier regarding Cable's recent acquisition of a top secret weapon that was years away from completion.

Cable & Deadpool #24 (2006)


Nick Fury (via cellphone): "It's me. Listen. I'm going off grid tonight. Maybe for good."
Spider-Woman (on the phone): "What?" Nick Fury (via cellphone): "I made a serious tactical error a year ago in Latveria, and it's come back to bite me on the Dugan. You're going to hear a lotta crap about me in the next couple of days. Most of it's true. I'm sorry, Jess. It's the end of the line.i>

Several years after convincing Spider-Woman to act as a Hydra-SHIELD double agent answering only to him, Fury's "Secret War" has made him the enemy of just about everyone, forcing him to go underground and leave Jessica Drew high and dry in her unknown counter-intelligence role.

New Avengers #14 (2006)


Captain America: "Where's Nick Fury?"
Spider-Woman: "I don't know."
Captain America: "You guys believe her?"
Iron Man: "Her heart and brain wave patterns are normal."
Spider-Man: "I believe her."
Luke Cage: "Hey, if Fury screwed you over like that - well, join the club."
Spider-Man: "We got shirts."

Poor Nick Fury; fighting the bad guys has forced him to use the good guys as pawns. Seeing as how most of the New Avengers were Fury's recruits in "Secret War" most of them have a big bone to pick with him. I laughed at Spidey's comment that they have t-shirts ("I was Screwed by Nick Fury!")

New Avengers #14 (2006)


Captain America: "So meeting me here -- even in holographic form -- must mean Cable did something pretty drastic."
Nick Fury (via hologram): "Well, since stealin' the "Cone of Silence" prototype force field, actually... just what I showed you before."
Captain America: "Then why are we here?"
Nick Fury (via hologram): "Oh, that isn't enough? You Avengers are so busy fightin' ninjas you don't have time for stoppin' a would-be world conqueror before he starts conquerin'?"
Captain America: "Cute. Cute won't work between us right now, Nick."

Follow-up exchange between Fury and Cap on the same subject regarding Cable. I enjoy Fury's poke at the Avengers having time to duke it out with ninjas for several issues in their regular series but seeing this threat as not as important. The reason why "cute" won't work between Nick and Cap right now? This follows shorlty after the events of Nick Fury's "Secret War..

Cable & Deadpool #25 (2006)


Cell Phone Ringing: "B-DEET-DEET-B-DEET-DEET"
Captain America: (answering his cell phone) "What is it, Sharon?"
Nick Fury: "Sorry to disappoint, Rogers. I know I'm good lookin', but I'm no Agent 13."

A little bit of humor from the often dour Colonel Fury. Cap thought the incoming call on his cell phone was his ex-girlfriend Sharon Carter, aka SHIELD Agent 13. But alas, it was only Fury.

Captain America #4 (2005)


Col. Fury: "Any progress on identifying the body they found in London yet?"
SHIELD Agent: "Nothing so far, sir. Interpol is stalling us for some reason."
Col. Fury: "Right. Get their director on the horn. I've been needing to scream at someone all morning anyway..."

And this, my friends, is how the Director of SHIELD gets things done. Gotta love that charm...

Captain America #4 (2005)


Super-Skrull (via transmission): "I just don't know who I [b]am[/b] anymore. So many faces, so many lies. Isn't there [b]anyone[/b] out there who can help me? Isn't there someone I can [b]talk[/b] to?"
Nick Fury (listening to the transmission): "What a wimpy [b]nutjob[/b]. Liked him better when he was as vicious as a cornered javelina. There's only one guy who can talk this freak down. Get him online!i>

After hearing the Super-Skrull's pathetic self-loathing and emotional breakdown transitted from a satellite with secret nuclear missiles, Fury calls in Marvel's number one shrink - Doc Samson!

Doc Samson Limited Series #1 (2006)


Fury: "Blast it, sounds like an underground rail system. Let's move."
(Pierce blasts a hole in the ground with a large tank cannon)
Fury: "Will you quit foolin around? 'Blast it' is just an expression!"

Deathlok Special #4


"Dum Dum, if that big, green, fire-snortin' lizard is loose again, I QUIT!"

Nick making a slanted reference to the colossal headache Godzilla, the King of Monsters, caused him and SHIELD in Godzilla's monthly Marvel book from the 1970's, before understanding that his present challenge was the Transformers.

The Transformers #3 (1985)