Below are links to several Nick Fury and SHIELD related WAV files. To cut down on size the WAV files have been zipped, so you'll have to download and unzip them to be able to listen to them. However, I've written out the dialogue of each sound clip so that you can read what the clip contains. Simply click on the graphic of Fury's face to the left of each description to download the ZIP file. And if you have any WAVs not here, if you'd be nice enough to send them my way I'll be sure to add them.

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (Fox Telemovie)
Female Computer Voice: "Welcome to SHIELD, the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division."
Alexander Pierce: "I'm pleased to inform you that your intelligence protocol has been re-activated. They've asked you to resume your post, as SHIELD's public director, effective immediately."
Nick Fury: "Alright... [sound of a gun being loaded]... let's go kick some Hydra butt."
Clay Quartermain: "Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, last of the great global boogey-men."
Jack Pincer: "SHIELD was created to function as a permanent multi-national strikeforce, not as your own personal army, do you understand?"
Val: "What's on your mind, Nick?"

Nick: "Hydra... SHIELD... sometimes I think we're the only thing that keeps each other in business."

Nick: "Contessa Valentina del'Allegra Fontaine... quite a mouthful when you try to wrap your tongue around it."
Nick: "What is that?"

Gabe: "That's our prototype LMD... Life Model Decoy."

Andrea von Strucker: "But I just killed you..."

Nick Fury: "No, you just killed my Life Model Decoy. Useful little toy, isn't it?"

Gabe: "Physical exertion will only accelerate the effects' gains."

Nick: "I do not intend to spend the last few hours of my life on this planet in the Helicarrier sickbay."

Tim Dugan: "Kate's in charge of our new para-psych division."

Nick Fury: "What, are you a mind reader?"

Kate Neville: "We prefer the term E-S-P-ers."

Male Computer Voice: "Searching personnel databank... computer index match to Fury, Nicholas Joseph, security clearance alpha. Please stand by for repeat retina matrix recognition."
Male Computer Voice: "System error; please expose both eyes to full room scan."

Nick Fury: "Update your files, moron, I only got one..."

Male Computer Voice: "Unregistered individual."

Andrea von Strucker: "Against HYDRA, there is no SHIELD."
Andrea von Strucker: "So much for late, great Colonel Nick Fury."
Kate Neville: "You're thinking of Clay Quartermain... you were wishing you had a chance to say good-bye."
Nick Fury: "Tell me, how's Hydra's dental plan?" (sound of a punch connecting)
Jack Pincer: "So, we meet again Fury."

Nick Fury: "Oh I'm not surprised, Pincer. Guys like you tend to cling to the bowl no matter how many times you flush."

Kate: "Why did you leave SHIELD?"

Nick: "... I didn't. When the Iron Curtain was sent to the cleaners, I was suddenly out of style... not diplomatic enough. It was time for me to move on."

Kate: "Because they changed the rules?"

Nick: "For me, Kate, there never were any rules."

Nick (said to Pierce): "If you weren't such an idiot, I would suspect you for treason!"
Val (said to Nick): "Always a pleasure to see the old warhorse chewing out the troops."
Gabe: "Mr. President... Gabe Jones, deputy director. I'd like to clarify something, sir, before we proceed any farther."
Nick: "Hydra's been jerking our chain six ways to Sunday."

Spider-Man The Animated Series: "Day of the Chameleon"
Nick Fury: "Welcome to Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division... we call it SHIELD."
Nick Fury: "SHIELD's job is to secretly try to keep the world in one piece... no matter what it takes."
Version 1:
Nick Fury: "The name's Fury, Colonel Nick Fury. I call the shots around here."

Version 2:
J. Jonah Jameson: "Just who the blazes are you?"
Nick Fury: "The name's Fury, Colonel Nick Fury. I call the shots around here."

J. Jonah Jameson: "But I printed your obituary."

Nick Fury: "I wouldn't brag about it, mister. Bugle... obits... Fury... Nick. You flipped the negative of my picture. My patch is on the wrong eye."

Nick Fury: "If you see anything suspicious, tap on this pin and undercover SHIELD agents will respond pronto."
Nick Fury: "Agent 1."
Agent 1: "Yes, Colonel?"
Nick Fury: "The situation's code red. I'm coming there in person. I'll rendezvous with you at the penthouse in ten minutes."
Agent 1: "Aye, sir. Over and out."
Spider-Man: "What do you know, Fury's here in the flesh!"
Nick Fury: "From now on, zero mistakes!"
Nick Fury: "I'm on my way up. Report your location. Repoet! Do you copy?"

Iron Man The Animated Series: (Episodes to be Identified)
Version 1:
"The group of renegade scientists known as Advanced Idea Mechanics. They're commonly called AIM."

Version 2:
"AIM will be back in numbers."

Nick Fury: "Suck dust, toadies!"
Jim Rhodes: "Fury, I'm telling you man, he's not here."

Nick Fury: "Don't feed me that front office garbage. I'm gonna see Stark, and I mean now."

Nick Fury: "We're past talking pal. You shut down Iron Man, or SHIELD will shut down Stark Enterprises, period."
Nick Fury: "If we shut down everytime someone threatens us, the whole world would stop!"

Dum Dum Dugan WAVs
Dugan: "It'll keep 'till you get here. Dugan out."
Dugan: "Let me tell you, we got a computer worm, Colonel, and she's dug in pretty deep."
Dugan: "Four automated birdies just a' closing in, Colonel darling."

Fury: "Take 'em out, and get this airship on the high roud outta here."

Dugan: "Do you have any idea the paperwork I gonna have to fill out to explain that shenanigan?"
Dugan: "Put your brawny behind on that corporate jet of yours and get out here pronto."

Tony Stark: "Dum Dum Dugan... not the prettiest face I've ever seen at three in the morning."

Dugan: "Saints preserve us! Do y'know what you just did? You just cost me another hour's worth of paperwork!"

Other Fury WAVs
Fury: "Get me an onboard channel!"
SHIELD Operator: "I have an urgent call from SHIELD Agent Gabriel."
Fury: "Power up my chopper... I've got some redeemin' to do."
Fury: "We need proof... and you're a little light in that department right now, pal."
Fury: "I got me a real four-star mystery on my hands."
Fury: "First of all, I'm sorry about the security system - it had some bugs in it."
Fury: "Their won't be an AIM pod left to spit in, much less anything resembling useable info."